DK Goel – The most educated personality for Accountancy

Who is DK Goel?

DK Goel is one of the greatest authors of all time. He is the man behind the success of hundreds of students through his precious knowledge and expert guidance. He is one of the most loved Accountancy teachers, who instills interest among the students. His way and approach to the subject help the students to easily grasp the subject. The man is an ocean of knowledge about accountancy. With his skills and hard-work, DK Goel marked his name in the list of top-notch accountancy experts in India. He is a Gold Medalist who shaped the future of the youth. His vision is clear. His sole objective is to simplify Accountancy and the related subjects to present them in an easy-to-understand format. To help the students grasp the concepts of the subject.

Education Details

DK Goel is one of the most educated personalities who paved his way as an accountancy faculty. He gained his Master’s Degree from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. He is a Gold-medalist from Punjab University.

Career History

After getting his Master’s degree from one of India’s reputable Indian College of Commerce, DK Goel kick-started his journey as an educational professional. In 1968, He began his teaching career at the Vaish College, Rohtak. Here he coached tons of Undergraduate and Postgraduate students on Accountancy and other accounting subjects. During his career, he collaborated with various educational institutes, State Education Boards, and universities. He drafted several syllabuses, question papers and weaved tons of study material with his knowledge and learnings. He depicted his years of experience through his valuable writings. Currently, Mr. DK Goel has successfully authored over 60 books on Corporate Accounting, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, and Management Accounting.

DK Goel Current Position

DK Goel is currently one of the expert accounts faculties and an author. He developed the most straightforward mechanism to learn and understand the logic of the subject. With his teaching expertise, he dismantled the complex and abstruse theories into practical solutions. DK Goel has marked his imprints on the Indian Education System with his books on commerce stream for class 11 and 12 students, which are complemented to be the study material by experts. The textbooks authored by DK Goel are titled as the best study material for the board examinations by academic professionals. Prof. DK Goel aims to shower his knowledge among the students. He has conducted 150+ pan-India workshops for Accountancy faculties of ISC/CBSE affiliated educational institutions, spreading his learning across the globe.

DK Goel Books

DK Goel is famous for the masterpieces he delivered through his accountancy books. He has published tons of books that helped the class 11, 12 students as well as the graduation applicants to crack their examinations. DK Goel’s books are the top recommendation of the educational experts, who define them as a tool to achieve success in the examination. Here are some of DK Goel’s Books –

DK Goel Accountancy Solutions Class 11this is one of the top-rated accountancy books for class 11. The book systematically represents all the chapters with relevant examples that help students build a strong core in accountancy. It presents chapter-wise solutions that are much easier to understand for the students. The book is highly optimized and written in simple language. The students can effectively use it to develop a solid grip on the fundamental concepts of Accountancy. Prof. DK Goel designed the book with utmost care according to the Class XI standards.

DK Goel Accountancy Solutions Class 12Accountancy in class 12 is often challenging for the students. However, DK Goel Solutions simplify the chapters in a much easier manner to help students grab the logic and the concepts. Every chapter comprises meaningful illustrations and is solved in the simplest manner. All the books are designed under the CBSE guidelines to help the students blend their maximum benefits.

Accountancy Class XII (Rajasthan Edition) – This book is authored by DK Goel, Rajesh Goel, and Shelly Goel. It is designed according to the guidelines of the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan, Ajmer. The book is efficiently tailored by top-notch educators. It consists of a bunch of practical questions at the end of every chapter, which are based on Rajasthan Board question papers. To eliminate any complications, answers and hints are attached with relevant explanations.

DK Goel’s Analysis of Financial Statements Book – under the Arya publications, his book is incredibly outlined by DK Goel, Rajesh Goel, and Shelly Goel. The book is brief about the financial statements in accountancy and includes project work to explain the topics practically. DK Goel explained all the diplomatic concepts and theories in an uncomplicated way. So that the students can effortlessly squeeze out all the learnings.

DK Goel’s MCQs in Accountancy – DK Goel, with incredible experience, framed the questions to cover all the topics and concepts of Accountancy. The book is carefully designed by Dinesh Kumar Goel, picking up the important MCQs which have the maximum probability of coming in the board examinations.

 DK Goel’s Perfect 15 Sample Papers in Accountancy – this book presents a box full of essential questions. All the problems are efficiently gathered by the author after an effective analysis of the previous year’s question papers.

DK Goel’s Advanced Financial Accounting – Published by Avichal Publishing Company, this book is one of India’s top-rated accountancy books. Through this book, the author, DK Goel, sketches a picture of excellence and learning. Accuracy of the questions and their explanations are the primary features of this book. It consists of hundreds of short questions, long questions, and MCQs that help the students secure maximum marks in the examinations.

DK Goel, in collaboration with several other experts, has also produced tons of books like Delhi University Financial Accounting books, APC Accountancy books to set a new standard of learning. According to the board’s regulations, every chapter is written with the utmost care, covering all the concepts and theories. Every chapter contains past year questions, presenting a glimpse of marking schemes and questioning patterns to help the students secure maximum marks in examinations.

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