Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices

Get Class Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Papers free pdf download which is based on the latest pattern of CBSE and NCERT. It involves every one of the points given in NCERT Class 12 Informatics Practices book. You can easily download sample paper accounts Class 12 is given below.

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We bring here the latest collection of Sample Papers for Class Class 12 Informatics Practices prepared as per the latest examination pattern issued by CBSE. Students can refer to the latest paper below available with answers and also download the suggested guess papers in PDF format for free. Students should solve the papers in exam type environment at home and then compare their results with the answers provided below. Students should regularly solve questions given in DK Goel Class 12 book and also solve the papers given below

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices Term 1 Set A
Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices Term 2 Set A

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices Term 2 Set A


1. Ms. Rani sen, General Manager of Global Nations corporate recently discovered that the communication between her company’s accounts office and HR office is extremely slow and signal drop quite frequently. These offices are 125 m away from each other and connected by Ethernet cable.
(i) Suggest her a device, which can be installed in between the offices for smooth communication.
(ii) What type of network is formed by having this kind of connectivity out of LAN, MAN and WAN?
Answer: (i) The device that can be installed between the offices for smooth communication is repeater.
(ii) The type of network is Local Area Network (LAN).
Shrijay, a beginner in IT field has just started learning web technologies. Help her in understanding the difference between web hosting and web server with the help of a suitable example of each.
Answer: Web hosting: Web hosting service is provided by companies to host web server applications through which websites are accessible to the internet users via world wide web. These companies are known as web hosts. The host may provide a control panel for managing web server to add new information to the website. Examples of web hosting companies are:, Web server: A web server is a computer that runs websites. The basic objective of the web server is to store, process and deliver web pages to the users. This intercommunication is done using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

2 (i)I can connect multiple computers and devices.
I can filter and forward data packets only to the intended computers.
I am also called an intelligent hub.
Who am I?
Answer: Switch
(ii) Preetpal has to work on his science project which deals with magnatism. A lot of research work is required by him for the same. He uses Google Chrome to search for the relevant matter.
c. As Preetpal works on his project, he collects and curates information. Whenever he clicks on the link the same piece of information is shown and the content is not clickable. Preetpal is accessing a/an _______ website.
d. A web _________ is a small piece of data that is sent from a website and stored in user’s web browser while a user is browsing a website
Answer: a. Static
b. Cookies

3 Predict the output of the following queries:
iii. Select Length(“Data Science”);
iv. Select Month(‘2020-03-12’);
Answer: i. 12
ii. 3
Briefly explain the purpose of the following SQL functions:
iii. Length( )
iv. Month ( )
i. The SQL LENGTH function returns the number of characters in a string.
ii. The MONTH ( ) function returns the month part for a specified date (a number from 1 to 12).

4 Rinki has just created a website for her company and now need to host it. Briefly discuss the role of a web server in hosting a website.
Answer: Role of web server hosting a web site:
A web server is the main centralized computer system that hosts and runs the websites. It has a computer program that distributes web pages as they are requisitioned. The basic role of the web server is to store, process and deliver the web pages to the users as and when required.

5 Consider the decimal number x with value 3875.4897. Write commands in SQL to:
i. Round it off 3 places after the decimal
ii. Round it to 3 places before the decimal.
Answer: i. SELECT round(3875.4897,3);
ii. SELECT round(3875.4897,-3);

6 Sivaraaj is working in MySQL. Differentiate him between DDL and DML command?
Answer: The Data Definition Language commands as the name suggests, allow you to perform tasks related to data definition. That is, through these commands, you can perform tasks like, create,
alter and drop schema objects, grant and revoke privileges etc.
The Data Manipulation Language commands, as the name suggests, are used to manipulate data. That is, DML commands query and manipulate data in existing schema objects.

7 Ms. Neha, a HR Manager in a multinational company “World Power LTD” has created the following table to store the records of workers

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices

Based on the table given above, help her writing queries for the following task:
iii. To display the details of all worker in descending order of DOB.
iv. To display name and desig of those worker whose plevel is either p001 or p002.
Answer: i. select * from worker order by dob desc;
ii. select name,desig from worker where plevel in(‘p001’,’p002’);
Based on the table given above, she has written following queries.
iii. Write query with function to calculate square root of number 28.
iv. Write query to truncate value 15.79 to 1 decimal place.
i. select sqrt(28);
ii. select truncate(15.79,1);


8 Predict the output of the following queries:
iv. select instr(‘kendriya vidyalaya sangathan’,’ ‘);
v. select substr(‘kendriya vidyalaya sangathan’,5,6);
vi. select left(‘kendriya vidyalaya sangathan’,6);
i. 9
ii. riya v
iii. kendri
A relation Toys is given below :

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices

Write SQL commands to:
a. Display the average price of each type of company having quantity more than 15.
b. Count the type of toys manufactured by each company.
c. Display the total price of all toys.
a. select company, avg(Price) from toys group by company having Qty>15;
b. select Company, count(distinct name) from toys group by Company;
c. Select name, sum(Price* Qty) from toys;

9 Rinku is working with functions of MySQL. Explain her following:
i. What is the purpose of curdate () function?
ii. How many parameters does it accept?
iii. What is the general format of its return type?
i. The CURDATE () function returns the current date.
ii. None
iii. The date and time is returned as “YYYY-MM-DD” (string) or as YYYYMMDD (numeric)

10 Write the SQL functions which will perform the following operations:
i) To display the name of the day of the current date.
ii) To remove spaces from the beginning of a string, “ Python ”.
iii) To display the name of the month eg, January or February from your date of birth.
Answer: i) dayname(date(curdate()))
ii) ltrim(“ Python“)
iii) monthname(date(dob))
(1 mark for each correct answer)


11 Consider the LOANS table given below and give the SQL commands to perform the following:
Table: LOANS

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices

(a) Display the sum of all Loan Amount whose interest rate is greater than 10.
(b) Display the Maximum Interest from LOANS table.
(c) Display the count of all Loan Account Holders whose name ends with ‘Sharma’.
(d) Display interest-wise details of Loan Account Holders with at least 10 instalments remaining.
Answer: (a) MySQL> Select sum(Loan_Amount) from LOANS Where Int_Rate>10;
(b) MySQL> Select Max(Interest) from LOANS;
(c) MySQL> Select Count(*) from LOANS Where Cust_Name Like ‘%Sharma’;
(d) MySQL> Select * from LOANS Group By Interest Having Instalments>=10;

12 Write SQL commands for (i) to (v) and write the output for (vi) on the basis of table Furniture

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices

(i) To show all information about the baby cots from the Furniture table.
(ii) To list the itemname which are priced at more than 15000 from the Furniture table.
(iii) To list itemname and type of those items, in which date of stock is before 22/01/02 from the Furniture table in the descending order of itemname.
(iv) To display itemname and dataofstock of those items, whose type is “ Sofa” from Furniture table.
Answer: (i) SELECT * FROM Furniture WHERE Type= “Baby Cot”;
(ii) SELECT Itemname FROM Furniture WHERE Price>15000;
(iii) SELECT Itemname, Type FROM Furniture WHERE Dateofstock < “22/01/02” ORDER BY Itemname DESC;
(iv) SELECT Itemname , Dateofstock FROM Furniture WHERE Type= ‘Sofa’;
Give the output of the following SQL statement based on table Furniture.
(a) SELECT LEFT(Itemname,3) FROM Furniture WHERE Type=”Double Bed”;
(b) SELECT MONTHNAME(Dateofstock) FROM Furniture WHERE Type=”Sofa”;
(c) SELECT * FROM Furniture WHERE Itemname LIKE ‘E%’;
(d) SELECT Price*Discount FROM Furniture WHERE Dateofstock>31/12/02;

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices

13 Trine Tech Corporation (TTC) is a professional consultancy company. The company is planning to set up their new offices in India with its hub at Hyderabad. As a network adviser, you have to understand their requirement and suggest them the best available solutions. Their queries
are mentioned as (i) to (iv) below.
Physical Locations of the blocked of TTC

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices

a. What will be the most appropriate block, where TTC should plan to install their server?
b. Draw a block to cable layout to connect all the buildings in the most appropriate manner
for efficient communication.
c. What will be the best possible connectivity out of the following, you will suggest to connect the new setup of offices in Bangalore with its London based office:
• Satellite Link
• Infrared
• Ethernet Cable
d. Which of the following device will be suggested by you to connect each computer in each of the buildings:
• Switch
• Modem
• Gateway
Answer: a. Finance block because it has maximum number of computers.

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices

c. Satellite link
d. Switch

Sample Paper Class 12 Informatics Practices

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