Exam Question for Class 10 English Chapter 11 The Proposal

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Chapter 11 The Proposal Class 10 English Exam Question

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Exam Question Class 10 English Chapter 11 The Proposal

Short Answer Type Questions :

Question. What opinion do you form of Natalya after reading the play, ‘The Proposal’?
Ans. Natalya — a woman of twenty-five years — Lomov considers her a good housekeeper and not badlooking — She likes to get married with Lomov — However, she indulges in unnecessary quarrels over Oxen Meadows and dogs — even insults Lomov with harsh words. However, good sense prevails upon her and she doesn’t lose the opportunity of marrying Lomov.

Question. Describe Oxen Meadows. How were they a bone of contention between Lomov’s and Natalya’s family?
Ans. Lomov and his rich landlord Chubukov are neighbours. A piece of land known as Oxen Meadows becomes a bone of contention between the two families. Both of them claim their ownerships over the Meadows. Lomov says that Oxen Meadows were given to Chubukov’s peasants for free use. They were to make bricks for the Lomovs. The Chubokovs contest this claim of Lomov.

Question. Give in brief the character-sketch of Lomov.
Ans. Lomov is a middle-aged man of thirty-five. He suffers from palpitations, cramps and benumbness of limbs. He is nervous and can’t speak and act like a calm and composed man. He comes to Natalya’s house with a proposal of marriage but soon forgets the real purpose of his visit. He picks up unnecessary quarrels over Oxen Meadows and on their respective dogs.

Question. Who are Lomov and Chubukov and how are they related to each other?
Ans. Lomov and Chubukov are landlords. They are neighbours too. According to Lomov, he has been coming to Chubukov for help. Chubukov has helped him even earlier. There seems to be a dispute over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. Each one claims that the land belongs to him. Lomov is interested in marrying Chubukov’s daughter, Natalya and considers her a suitable match for her.

Question. What happens when Lomov is thought to be almost dead?
Ans. Lomov has come with a proposal of marrying Natalya. When he falls down unconscious in an armchair, both Natalya and Chubukov are unnerved and worried. She starts crying thinking him dead. Chubukov calls for a doctor. He threatens to shoot himself or cut his throat. When Lomov comes to senses, Chubukov grabs the opportunity and blesses them for a happy married life.

Question. Why does Lomov say that Chubukov is not a good neighbour but a land-grabber?
Ans. Lomov has his reasons to think that Chubukov is not a good neighbour but a land-grabber. His aunt’s grandmother gave the Meadows for ‘temporary’ and free use of Chubukov’s grandfather’s peasants. He doesn’t intend to give up his claim over the Meadows. Good neighbours don’t behave like that. Only landgrabbers behave in this fashion.

Question. Describe the physical condition and health of Lomov.
Ans. Lomov is thirty-five years old. He doesn’t enjoy a good health. He gets easily excited. He suffers from palpitations. His feet are benumbed. He can’t express himself like a calm and composed man. He can’t bear too much tension and excitement. He throws himself down in an armchair and becomes unconscious soon. Only when water is sprinkled over his face, he comes to senses.

Question. Why does Lomov think that he should not be alone but marry a suitable woman like Natalya?
Ans. Lomov is a middle-aged man of thirty-five years. He thinks that it is a critical age. He should now think of leading a peaceful and regular married life. Natalya, the daughter of a rich landlord and neighbour Chubukov, can be a suitable life-partner for him. Lomov thinks that Natalya is an excellent housekeeper. Moreover, she is educated and not bad-looking. All these qualities qualify Natalya as an ideal life-partner for him.

Question. Justify the title of the play, ‘The Proposal’.


What is the theme or the message of ‘The Proposal’?
Ans. Anton Chekov has aptly titled the play, ‘The Proposal’. The title justifies the main theme – the marriage of Natalya and Lomov. No doubt, both Lomov and Natalya want to be life partners.
However, unnecessary quarrels over Oxen Meadows and their dogs Squeezer and Guess temporarily spoil their game. The message is very clear. The main issue must not be clouded and lost sight of by indulging in unnecessary and avoidable quarrels.

Question. How does Chubukov react when Lomov comes to senses?
Ans. Lomov’s unconsciousness unnerves both Chubukov and his daughter, Natalya — is thought to be dead — Chubukov thinks — a golden opportunity has been lost — thinks of shooting himself or cutting his throat — Lomov comes to senses — Chubukov doesn’t lose the opportunity — cries, “Hurry up and get married!” — at once blesses both of them.

Question. What opinion of Chubukov do you form after reading ‘The Proposal’?
Ans. Chubukov is a rich landlord and a neighbour of Lomov. He is short-tempered and rash in behaviour. He wants Lomov to be married to Natalya. But he forgets the main issue and joins the quarrels between Lomov and Natalya. He adds only fuel to the fire. He can be abusive and insulting. However, he grabs the opportunity and blesses Natalya and Lomov in the end.

Question. How does Lomov speak warmly of Chubukov’s family in the beginning? Why does he change his stand?
Ans. In the beginning — Lomov speaks warmly about Chubukov’s family — reminds Natalya — he knows the Chubukovs since his childhood — His aunt and uncle too had a great respect for her family — Both the families have been most friendly and close neighbours — Lomov — changes his opinion about the Chubukovs — he picks up a quarrel with Natalya and Chubukov over the ownership of Oxen Meadows.

Question. Why is Chubukov surprised at Lomov’s wearing of a formal dress when he comes to meet him?
Ans. Ivan Lomov — well dressed. He comes to visit Chubukov — Chubukov notices his dress — surprised to see Lomov wearing a dress-jacket and white gloves — Lomov in a formal evening dress. It appears as if he were paying a New Year’s Eve visit — later on, Chubukov comes to know — Lomov has come in that formal dress only with a proposal for marriage.

Question. Why do both the families of Lomovs and Chubukovs claim the ownership of Oxen Meadows?
Ans. Oxen Meadows become a bone of contention between the two families. Lomov thinks that Oxen Meadows that touch the birch forest of Chubukov, belong to him. His aunt’s grandmother gave the free use of the Meadows to the peasants of Natalya’s father’s grandfather. In return, they were to make bricks for them. Natalya opposes it by saying that their land extends to Burnt Marsh. It means that Oxen Meadows belong to them.

Question. Besides Oxen Meadows, what is the other important cause of quarrel between Lomov and Natalya?
Ans. Natalya and Lomov — already quarrelled — ownership of Oxen Meadows. Now crops up a fresh cause of their quarrel — over their dogs, Squeezer and Guess. Natalya thinks — Squeezer is a thoroughbred animal — far better than his dog, Guess. Natalya calls Guess an old and a worthless dog — quarrel continues even after they are married.

Question. Why does Natalya think that Lomov’s behaviour is strange and he is simply joking and making fun of her?
Ans. Natalya — thinks Lomov’s behaviour is quite strange — only joking and making fun of her — claims they have Oxen Meadows for nearly 300 years — suddenly told that it is not theirs — It is strange that Lomov is making a present of the Meadows to them which are not owned by him — unlike a good neighbour and a friend.

Question. How does Natalya react when she comes to know that Lomov has come to make a marriage proposal to her?
Ans. Chubukov and Natalya indulge in all sorts of abuses and insults for Lomov. However, Chubukov discloses the real purpose of Lomov’s visit. She comes to know that Lomov has come there with a proposal of marrying her. She grows hysterical. She blames her father for not telling it before. She cries to bring him back. She threatens to die if Lomov is not brought back.

Question. How did Chubukov react when Lomov asked for the hand of his daughter in marriage?
Ans. Chubukov was extremely happy to hear it. It was exactly what he wanted. He embraced and kissed Lomov. He called him ‘darling’ and ‘angel’. He told Lomov that he had been hoping it for a long time.

Question. Why does Lomov come to Chubukov? How does Chubukov react to his visit?
Ans. Lomov, a landlord, pays a visit to Chubukov. The purpose of his visit is quite clear. He has come with a proposal of marriage. He is interested in marrying Natalya, who he considers a good housekeeper and not bad looking. Chubukov misunderstands the purpose of Lomov’s visit. He thinks that he has come to borrow money from him. However, when he comes to know that Lomov has come with a marriage proposal, he is overjoyed and excited.

Long Answer Type Questions :

Question. Chubukov has all the attributes of a quarrelsome rich Russian landlord. Instead of solving the problems, he only adds fuel into the fire in their quarrel over Oxen Meadows and the
dogs. Justify the statement.
Ans. Chubukov represents a typical rich landlord of 19th century Russia. He seems to be fairly rich and resourceful. Even his neighbour Lomov acknowledges the frequent help rendered to him by Chubukov. He lends his threshing machine to Lomov. On account of this help, he has to put off their own threshing till November. Chubukov is quite practical. He knows that Lomov can be a good match for his daughter Natalya. So, he at once gives his assent to Lomov’s proposal of marrying her. Actually, he has been waiting for such a proposal for a long time. Chubukov is a landlord and can’t resist his hunger for land. He opposes the claim of Lomov over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. He even threatens to send his mowers out to the Meadows.
Chubukov can be quite quarrelsome, abusing and insulting. He always sides with his daughter. He picks up a quarrel on Oxen Meadows. He calls Lomov “a landgrabber” and “villain”. He abuses his grandfather of being a “drunkard” and his father a ‘gambler’. He jumps into the quarrel and adds only fuel to the fire. However, Chubukov see a great opportunity. He grabs the opportunity the moment Lomov comes into senses. He makes Natalya kiss and embrace Lomov and gets them married.

Question. In spite of being a good housekeeper, educated, and not bad looking, Natalya is quarrelsome, vain and highly impulsive. Justify your answer.
Ans. Natalya — the daughter of a rich Russian landlord, Chubukov — is twenty-five years old — knows that she must marry and not lose a suitable match for her — doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to marry her neighbour and landlord, Lomov — a good housekeeper, educated, and not bad-looking — Lomov acknowledges her skills and suitability as his life-partner — comes to her house with a proposal of marriage.
— having many good qualities — helps her to be an ideal wife — has certain weaknesses in her character — is quarrelsome like her father — doesn’t seem to be practical and prudent — is ‘a lovesick cat’ — dying to marry Lomov — forgets the main issue — indulges in unnecessary quarrels over the ownership of Oxen Meadows — irritates Lomov by proving the superiority of her dog, Squeezer over his dog, Guess — she grabs the opportunity in the end — directed by Chubukov — embraces, blesses and gets married to Lomov — old habits die hard — starts her married life with a fresh quarrel.

Question. Justify the title of the lesson, ‘The Proposal’.
Ans. Anton Chekov — aptly and logically titled his one-act-play ‘The Proposal’ — justifies the theme and the subject of the play — story revolves round Lomov’s marriage proposal to Chubukov’s daughter, Natalya — The play ends with Chubukov asking Natalya to hurry up and get married immediately — Natalya seals the proposal by kissing and embracing Lomov — Chubukov willingly and happily blesses the couple.
The play begins with the visit of Lomov to Chubukov’s house — The moment Chubukov comes to know that Lomov has come with a proposal of marriage, he becomes extremely happy — genuinely interested in marrying Natalya — thinks that she is a good housekeeper, educated and not badlooking. He sees in Natalya an ideal wife who can help him in leading a peaceful and regular life.
Natalya — a love-sick cat — sees in Lomov a suitable life-partner for her — The moment she comes to know that Lomov has come with a marriage proposal — blames her father for not telling it before — threatens to die if Lomov is not brought back immediately.
Quarrels and disputes over the ownership of Oxen Meadows and on the superiority of their dogs — Abuses and insults — this farce can’t hide the real intention of the main characters — the play ends with Natalya kissing and embracing Lomov and Chubukov blessing the newly married couple.

Question. What are the main points of controversy over the ownership of Oxen Meadows between Chubukov and Lomov? How and why does Natalya jump into the quarrel?
Ans. The ownership of Oxen Meadows is claimed by both the families, the Lomovs and the Chubukovs. It becomes a bone of contention between them. Lomov claims that his Oxen Meadows touch the birdwoods of Chubukov. Natalya contests the claim. She claims that they belong to them. Lomov explains that his aunt’s grandmother gave the free use of the Meadows to the peasants of the Chubukovs. In return, they were to make bricks for the Lomovs. Natalya claims that their land expands to Burnt Marsh. Hence, Oxen Meadows belong to them. They have had the land for 300 years. Lomov is ready to present the necessary documents to prove his ownership over the Meadows. Natalya threatens to send her mowers to the Meadows. Chubukov comes in and jumps into the quarrel. He sides with his daughter. Lomov threatens to go to the court. There is a free exchange of abuses and insults. Chubukov calls Lomov’s grandfather a drunkard. Lomov calls Chubukov’s mother hump-backed. Natalya calls Chubukov’s mother hump-backed. Natalya calls Lomov dishonest, rascal and mean. Chubukov calls Lomov a villain and a scarecrow. The dispute ends when Natalya comes to know about the marriage proposal. She surrenders her claim and accepts that the Meadows belong to Lomov.

Question. How and why does Lomov go to Chubukov’s house? How does Chubukov react to his visit?
Ans. Lomov is a Russian landlord of thirty-five years old. He is a neighbour of another rich landlord Chubukov. He is at a critical age when he thinks he should get married. He wants to lead a peaceful and regular married life. He sees in Chubukov’s daughter Natalya an ideal life-companion. He thinks she is a good housekeeper, educated and not bad-looking. He comes to Chubukov’s house with a proposal of marriage. Naturally, he is formally dressed in a fashionable jacket and white gloves. In the beginning, Chubukov seems to be rather cold to his visit. He thinks that Lomov has come to borrow money from him. However, his indifference soon changes into warm enthusiasm. Lomov tells him the real purpose of his visit. Chubukov is extremely happy to hear it. He tells Lomov that he has been thinking for a long time for this marriage. He calls Lomov a good neighbour and an ‘angel’. He is ready to give his consent to their marriage.

Question. Give a brief pen-portrait highlighting Lomov’s strength and weakness. Why can’t he express himself like a calm and composed man?
Ans. Lomov is a Russian landlord of thirty-five years. He is a neighbour of another rich landlord Chubukov. Lomov is highly impulsive, irritating and quarrelsome. Physically, he is a wreck. He enjoys a very poor health. He suffers from palpitations, hyper-tensions and heart problems. He is easily excited and irritated. Lomov realises that he has reached an age where he needs a peaceful and regular life. In Chubukov’s daughter Natalya, he sees an ideal life-partner. She is a good house-keeper, educated, and not bad-looking. So, he visits Chubukov’s house with a proposal of marriage. Lomov is confused. He can’t talk like a calm and composed man. He forgets the main issue and the purpose of his visit. He indulges in unnecessary details and quarrels, over the ownership of Oxen Meadows. He does not know how to solve and deal with controversies. He picks up a new quarrel over the dogs. He unsuccessfully tries to prove that his dog, Guess is far superior to Natalya’s dog, Squeezer.
Lomov appears in a formal dress. He seems to be fashionable, well-dressed and presentable. He is a gentleman and acknowledges the help received from his neighbour, Chubukov. He is self-respecting and is ready to give Oxen Meadows to Natalya as a present. Last but not least, his desire to marry Natalya is practical and genuine.

Question. How do Natalya and Chubukov react when Lomov falls down in an armchair and considered to be dead? How does Chubukov manage to get Natalya married with Lomov?
Ans. Anton Chekov’s play ‘The Proposal’ presents a farcical situation when Lomov falls down unconscious in an armchair. Before that there has been a free for all. Insults and abuses were freely hurled. The dispute over Oxen Meadows was settled but the quarrel over the dogs took an unpleasant turn. Lomov is called “Boy! Pup!”, “Milksop” and “Fool”. He can’t bear the heat and excitement and falls down unconscious. He is thought to be almost dead.
Both Natalya and Chubukov feel that things are going out of their hands. They feel helpless. Chubukov feels like shooting himself or cutting his own throat. Natalya is dying for marriage. The moment Lomov comes to senses, everyone feels relieved. Chubukov can’t afford to miss the opportunity. He tells Natalya to “hurry up and get married!” She too acts at once. She embraces and kisses Lomov and gives her willing to marry him. Only one thing is left for Chubukov. He blesses the newly married couple and opens a bottle of champagne.
They say old habits die hard. The new couple starts their married life with a fresh quarrel. It is over their dogs Squeezer and Guess again.

Question. Describe how Natalya reacts before and after knowing the real purpose of Lomov’s visit. Does she act sensibly in this regard?
Ans. Natalya — of marriageable age — wants to get married at all cost — Chubukov calls her a love-sick cat — Lomov visits her house — comes with a proposal of marriage — She doesn’t know of it and comes to know of it only after Lomov goes out in disgust — Before that, Natalya and Lomov have a long quarrel. Lomov claims the ownership — Natalya calls Lomov a strange man wants to grab their land. His act — unfriendly not like that of a good neighbour — feels excited and insulted and goes out in disgust.
— find a different Natalya — she comes to know the real purpose of Lomov’s visit — cries loudly to bring Lomov back — threatens to die — if not brought back. Lomov returns. But old habits die hard. Both Lomov and Natalya forget the real issue of their marriage — The quarrel settled — start fighting over their dogs, Squeezer and Guess — calls Lomov’s dog, Guess, an old and good for nothing — Lomov calls her dog, Squeezer, far inferior to his dog, Guess — quarrel continues till Lomov becomes unconscious — In the end, Chubukov loses no opportunity and says “Be quick and get married.” Natalya embraces and blesses Lomov — they are blessed by Chubukov —They start their married life by picking up a fresh quarrel over Squeezer and Guess.

Question. Doesn’t it look ridiculous and childish to see mature persons like Natalya, Lomov and Chubukov quarreling over their dogs, Squeezer and Guess? Give a reasoned answer.
Ans. Natalya and Lomov — mature persons — can be childish and ridiculous on occasions — easily forget the main issue—the proposal of marriage. Natalya — a love-sick cat — Lomov considers Natalya a good housekeeper. Such a good looking and educated woman can be an ideal wife for him — both of them fail to come to the main issue — After the dispute over the ownership of Oxen Meadows is resolved, they pick up a fresh quarrel over their dogs — behaviour childish and unwanted considering their mature age — Squeezer and Guess — become the symbols of their vanity and false pride — Natalya calls her Squeezer a thoroughbred animal of a noble breed — Chubukov jumps into the quarrel — calls Squeezer the best dog in the district — calls Lomov’s dog, Guess, old and short in the muzzle. Abuses and insults — exchanged. Lomov calls Chubukov an “intriguer”, “old rat” and “Jesuit”. Chubukov calls Lomov “Boy! Pup!” and “milksop! Fool!” — quarrel ends — Lomov lies down unconscious in an armchair.

Extract Based Questions :

1. Read the given extracts to attempt the questions that follow:

I shall try to be brief. You must know, honoured Natalya Stepanovna, that I have long, since my childhood, in fact, had the privilege of knowing your family. My late aunt and her husband, from whom, as you know, I inherited my land, always had the greatest respect for your father and your late mother. The Lomovs and the Chubukovs have always had the most friendly, and I might almost say the most affectionate, regard for each other. And, as you know, my land is a near neighbour of yours. You will remember that my Oxen Meadows touch your birchwoods.

Question. How does the listener react to the speaker’s statement?
Ans. The listener gets angry to listen to the speaker’s statement.

Question. Why does the speaker visit the listener’s house?
Ans. The speaker visits the listener’s house to offer a proposal of marriage with Natalya Stepanovna.

Question. What is ‘a near neighbour’ of the Lomovs?
Ans. Chubukov’s land is a near neighbour of Lomovs’ Oxen Meadows.

Question. What intentions did the speaker try to express in conversation?
Ans. He tried to express that he belonged to an honourable family and was well aware of his neighbours.

Question. Who had always been friendly?
Ans. The Lomovs and the Chubukovs had always been friendly.

2. Read the given extracts to attempt the questions that follow:

And it’s impossible for me not to marry. In the first place, I’m already 35—a critical age, so to speak. In the second place, I ought to lead a quiet and regular life. I suffer from palpitations, I’m excitable and always getting awfully upset; at this very moment my lips are trembling, and there’s a twitch in my right eyebrow. But the very worst of all is the way I sleep. I no sooner get into bed and begin to go off, when suddenly something in my left side gives a pull, and I can feel it in my shoulder and head… I jump up like a lunatic, walk about a bit and die down again, but as soon as I begin to get off to sleep there’s another pull! And this may happen twenty times…

Question. What kind of life does the speaker want to lead?
Ans. The speaker wants to lead a quiet and regular (married) life.

Question. What may happen twenty times again?
Ans. He may walk like a lunatic, jump up and lie down twenty times again.

Question. What is impossible for the speaker?
Ans. It is impossible for the speaker not to marry.

Question. Why is marriage essential for the speaker?
Ans. The speaker is at the critical age of marriage. He is living alone and suffering from several health problems.

Question. Why is the speaker so much upset with his physical condition?
Ans. The speaker suffers from palpitations, hyper-tension and is awfully upset due to many ailments.

3. Read the given extracts to attempt the questions that follow:

There’s some demon of contradiction in you today, Ivan Vassilevitch. First you pretend that the Meadows are yours; now, that Guess is better than Squeezer. I don’t like people who don’t say what they mean, because you know perfectly well that Squeezer is a hundred times better than your silly Guess. Why do you want to say he isn’t?

Question. What did Lomov pretend to be?
Ans. Lomov pretended that Oxen Meadows belonged to him.

Question. Who does Natalya call silly?
Ans. Natalya calls Lomov’s dog Squeezer, a silly dog.

Question. What does Natalya accuse Lomov of?
Ans. Natalya accuses Lomov of suffering from self-contradictions.

Question. What sort of character is the speaker?
Ans. The speaker is a person of low temperament. He also likes to exaggerate things.

Question. Who does Natalya think better than Guess?
Ans. Natalya thinks that her dog Squeezer is a hundred times better than Guess.

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