Notes Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at School

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Albert Einstein at School Notes Class 11 English

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  • In the history class, the teacher Mr. Braun questioned Albert about the year in which the Prussians defeated the French to Waterloo. Albert told him that he didn’t know and he must have forgotten. This irritated the teacher.
  • On being asked the reason for his ignorance of the subject Albert replied that he didn’t see a point in learning dates of battles. According to him, it was more important to know the causes of a battle.
  • The teacher felt insulted and taunted Albert to explain his “theory of education”. Albert told him that education should be about ideas and not facts.
  • The teacher said that Albert was a disgrace to the class and that he disrupted the discipline with his unruly behavior.
  • Albert felt miserable when he left the school that afternoon. He didn’t like this school
  • He found no peace/solace at his living quarters. He lived in a small room in one of the poorest quarters of Munich.
  • His landlady would beat her children regularly who would then wail all the time. Her husband was quite violent towards her. Moreover, the landlady didn’t let Albert play the violin which he liked so much. He complained to his only friend Yuri about his miserable life. He hated the atmosphere of slum violence.
  • Once his cousin Elsa visited him in Munich. When albert shared his experience and views about education, she told him that passing an examination was an easy thing. She gave examples of some stupid boys who had easily passed in exams by merely rote learning facts like a parrot. Few more months elapse but there is no respite for Albert. He is still feeling miserable at his school due to traditional education pattern which doesn’t leave any scope for creativity and expression of ideas.
  • He meets Yuri after a long gap and seeks his help. He has an idea. He tells Yuri that if he is able to obtain a medical certificate stating that he’s suffering from nervous breakdown, then perhaps he could get rid of school.
  • Yuri agrees to help him because he understands his tense state of mind. He finds Dr. Ernest Weil who could help albert.
  • However, Yuri advices Albert against lying before the doctor. He suggests that Albert must share his problems frankly with the doctor.
  • When Albert visited Dr. Ernest Weil he had really come near a nervous breakdown because he was too worried about presenting his problems.
  • Dr. Ernest understood his mental state and issued him the certificate.
  • Albert thanks Yuri for his help. Yuri advices him to take a reference from the mathematics teacher before leaving the school.
  • Mr. Koch, the mathematics, teacher writes a brilliant reference for Albert stating that Albert was a genius in the subject. Albert is full of gratitude for his mathematics teacher.
  • Albert goes straight to the room of the head master with the certificate hoping that he would be able to get a break from the school for some months.
  • He is taken for a surprise when the head master expels him from the school due to his unruly behavior and disregard for education. He feels as if the medical certificate was burning a hole in his pocket because he could not tell the head master how unhappy he was with their education system.
  • Anyways, he goes to Milan and joins another school. The whole world knows his journey thereafter.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. What was the opinion of Mrs. Koch about Albert?
Ans. Mr. Koch appreciated Albert for him intelligence. He was impressed by his knowledge of maths. He felt that Albert knew more than him in Maths. He gave him a glowing certificate in Maths.

Question. Why did Mr. Braun scold young Einstein?
Ans. Mr. Braun, the history teacher scolded young Einstein because he did not remember the dates of events in history. Further, the annoyed him by giving statements against education. He told the teacher that learning the dates of historical events was meaningless.

Question. Why was Albert tense about this neighborhood?
Ans. Albert did not like the environment of his neighbourhood as the land lord often beat him wife. The wife also beat children. There was a lot of violence in the neighbourhood. The landlady did not let him play violin.

Notes Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at School

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