Notes Chapter 5 Mothers Day

Class 11 commerce students can refer to Chapter 5 Mothers Day notes given below which is an important chapter in the class 11 English book. These notes and important questions and answers have been prepared based on the latest CBSE and NCERT syllabus and books issued for the current academic year. Our team of English teachers has prepared these notes for class 11 English for the benefit of students so that you can read these revision notes and understand each topic carefully.

Mothers Day Notes Class 11 English

Refer to the notes and important questions given below for Mothers Day which is really useful and has been recommended by Class 11 English teachers. Understanding the concepts in detail and then solving questions by yourself will help you to learn all topics given in your NCERT Books.

  • Mrs. Pearson is a dedicated wife and mother who tends to each and every demand of her husband George and children Doris and Lyril, both of whom are adults.
  • Yet, she is disrespected and taken for granted by them. All the three family members lack gratitude towards her. In fact they treat her like a domestic help.
  • Mrs. Pearson shares her grief with her neighbour Mrs. Fitzgerald. Mrs. Fitzgerald tells her that her own soft behavior is responsible for the misgivings for the family members.
  • Mrs. Fitzgerald has a plan for her. With the magic that she once learnt in the far east, she suggests that the two of them should exchange their spirits with each other.
  • Initially reluctant, Mrs. Pearson agrees to the idea. They both hold hands and their spirits get exchanged when Mrs. Fitzgerald reads a spell.
  • Doris is shocked to find her mother smoking when she comes home. She orders her mother to prepare tea. But Mrs. Pearson remains indifferent towards her demand. This sudden change baffles Doris.
  • She goes to her room to find that her yellow dress has not been ironed. She gets really upset and almost scolds her mother for not doing this work.
  • Upon hearing her words, Mrs. Pearson replies with disgust that Doris being a grown up should do her work on her own. Above that, she makes fun of her friend Charlie Spense and calls him a “half-witted buck tooth”.
  • Doris feels deeply offended and starts weeping.
  •  Then her son Cyril comes home and notices Doris crying and mother playing with cards. He too demands tea and snacks but is met with the same indifference from his mother.
  • The children discuss their mother’s strange behavior when they see her filling a glass of wine for herself.
  • Doris hints that perhaps the mother has gone mad owing to some head injury after a fall or so.
  • The mother chides them for their callousness and tries to give them a piece of mind.
  • She tells them that she would not work for more than eight hours every day like them from then onwards and will also go for a vacation during weekend.
  • She also proclaims that she would do some work on Saturday and Sunday only if she is thanked for everything.
  • Her husband George Pearson enters the room and senses tension in the ambience.
  • He is annoyed that instead of preparing tea his wife is sipping wine and relaxing. But Mrs. Pearson shows only indifference.
  • He then tells her that he would have supper at the club. Mrs. Pearson gets annoyed at his attitude and rebukes him by telling him that people at the club make fun of him behind his back.
  • All the family members are feeling miserable. Just then enters Mrs.Fitzgerald (actually Mrs.Pearson).
  • Mrs. Pearson(actually Mrs.Fitzgerald) tells her that she was just putting everyone at place and that the things were alright.
  • The family members look at each other in confusion when Mrs. Fitzgerald (actually Mrs.pearson) requests to have their spirits re-exchanged. Mrs. Pearson (actually Mrs. Fitzgerald) agrees on a condition that Mrs. Pearson would not go soft on her family again. They get into their original bodies and Mrs. Fitzgerald leaves.
  • The mother, the children and husband smile at each other with relief and it is decided that they all will have the dinner together and play a game of rummy.
  • This play provides a glimpse into the miserable lives of house-wives and mothers who work tirelessly from morning to night for keeping their family members happy. Their sacrifices are taken for granted and they are treated as domestic helps. It teaches us to be thoughtful and respectful for our mothers.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. How the members of the club use to treat George Pearson.
Ans. The members of the club use to call Georage pearson, pompy-ompy pearson because
they use to think that he was slow and pompous.

Question. How was Mrs. Pearson different from Mrs. Fitzgerald?
Ans. Mrs. Pearson was a pleasant but worried looking women in her forties. Mrs. Fitzgerald was older, heavier and a strong and sinister personality. Mrs. pearson was soft spoken with a touch of suburban while Mrs. Fitzgerald had a deep voice with Irish accent.

Question. How does Mrs. Fitzgerald planned to deal with the family of Mrs. Pearson.
Ans. Mrs. Fitzgerald changed their bodies through magic spell. Now Mrs. Fitzgerald look like Mrs. pearson, while Mrs. Pearson looked like Mrs. Fitzgerald. Mrs. Fitzgerald in the body of Mrs. Pearson dealt with the family very sternly.

Notes Chapter 5 Mothers Day

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