Speech Writing Class 11 English

Speech Writing

Writing a speech is very similar to writing an essay, a report, a letter or any type of writing. But the difference is that your words are being HEARD not READ, the audience is a listner not a reader so you only have one chance to get your message across.

Points to remember

1. Give the title at the top.
2. Begin with “Good morning to all of you, today I am here to express my views on the topic “.
3. The Present Tense is usually used when you write out a speech.
4. Define the topic; give its causes, effects, the present state and remedial measures.
5. Clarity, organization and systematic presentation of ideas are very important.
6. Should be a coherent piece clearly stating a particular point of View. Divide the speech into 3 to 4 paragraphs.
7. Conclude by giving suggestions for improvement- hope for a better future.
8. Time yourself.
9. Always make a rough draft.
10. Begin with—“Honourable chairperson, Judges, teachers and my dear friends, I stand before you to express my views for/against the motion “TOPIC”…… .
11. Total agreement or disagreement with the topic should be expressed forcefully and clearly. You can use polite sarcasm and humor but no indecorous language should be used.
12. Use argumentative style and logical reasoning.
13. Back up arguments with relevant information.
14. At the end write “Thank you” at extreme end on the left.
15. Use powerful expressions like :
– I’d like to argue
– In my opinion ….. .
– I fail to understand ……
– May I ask?
– I disagree …… etc.
16. Refer to your opponent’s view/views.

Layout of a Speech

  • Formal address to the audience
  • Catchy Introduction- Pre Speech note to draw attention of audience
  • Announcement of the topic and establishment of context
  • Development of the topic
  • Impact on People/ Environment/ Country etc.
  • Conclusion
  • Formal Thanks to the audience

Question- The sports In charge of your school has asked you to deliver a speech on The Value of Games and Sports in life in the morning assembly. Draft a speech in about 200 words.

Respected Principal, Worthy Teachers, and My Dear Friends. Today I am going to express my views on the values of Games and Sports in our life.

Sports is a natural instinct in Man. It is the most ancient and most natural means of recreation and fitness for him. Besides being the best means of health and fitness, it is the surest way to kill boredom and stress in modern day life.

Games and sports help people build their physical stamina and mental agility and raise their level of endurance. Sports persons usually live healthier and longer lives as compared to someone who practises no sports or takes little exercise. Since games and sports promote healthy competition, they instill in one the spirit of excellence, goal setting and target achievement. In turn it boosts one’s confidence and teaches one to accept victory and defeat as they come.

A lot of pride and patriotism is associated with games and sports in the international sports competitions which bring people of different nationalities and races closer and thus foster greater international tolerance, understanding, interaction and appreciation. Sports persons live for honor for themselves and their countries and learn to recognize and appreciate talent in others.

Many sports persons have iconic status and earn millions of dollars in sporting fee and endorsement contracts. They are role models for millions of youth world wide who treat their favourite sports persons as their heroes or even demi-gods. People admire sports persons more than political leaders, scientists or even actors.

Now friends, which sports are you going to do from today onwards? Wishing you excellence in your desired sports.


Speech Writing Class 11 English

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