Article Writing Class 11 English


Points To Remember

1. Give the title at the top.
2. Break the subject matter into;
• Introduction -should be brief [one paragraph]
• Body- should comprise of causes/ effects/types/present state of things [matter can be divided into 2 or 3 paragraphs]
• Conclusion -remedies/suggestions, followed by the final word.
3. Add a touch of humour, depending upon the subject.
4. Write name and class at the end on left side. (in case of school magazine)
5. Must decode the verbal/visual input properly.
6. Systematic presentation of ideas is a must.
7. Pay attention to grammatical accuracy, relevant vocabulary and spellings.
8. Use simple, short sentences and lay emphasis on flow and connectivity.
9. Always make a rough draft first
10. Edit and time yourself.
11. Make your article as interesting as possible. Keep in touch with the latest happenings around you.
12. Make good use of the Internet to read good articles, besides reading the newspaper and magazines.

Common topics-Social(women Empowerment/ Safety/ Environmental/ science/Internet/Social Media / Educational issues/any event or happening of general/current interest.) Health/sports and Glabal issues-pollution, peace, terrorism.

Question: The 21st century has seen an erosion of values in the society. Experts and educationists stress on value-based education to meet the challenes. Write an article, in not more than 200 words, on the need for value based education.

Values Based Education-The need of The Hour

It is rightly said values are priceless, while valuables are priced.” Values like love, compassion, sympathy, empathy, tolerance, etc. lay the foundation for values like honesty, discipline, punctuality and loyalty.

Today’s fast paced competitive world, has led man to compromise on values, integrity and character. As a result, we see aggression, selfishness, rampant corruption, unlawful activities and inhuman behaviour all around.

There is an urgent need to introduce value based education dealing specifically with human values, to redesign the fabric of our society. Childhood is the right time and age to impart value education so that the right impressions formed in the child’s mind guide him throughout his life.

School provides is the interactive and learning environment where thelBody human values can be easily introduced a child by making him/her “experience” and “live” the values. This can be done through workshops, seminars, camps and open forums since values are ‘caught’ and not just ‘taught’. So the ones lies on the elders to ensure that the preserve and promote vaties.

The need of the hour is to integrate value based education into our curriculum. The intelligentia and social activists should join heads and hands to ensure that practising values become as second.

Article Writing Class 11 English

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