Report Writing Class 11 English


A Report can be anything from a two line handwritten note to a bound volume, but for examination a student is supposed to write a report in about 125 words. It should state the facts as clearly and objectively as possible. Basically a report is a short, sharp, concise write up which is written for a particular purpose and audience. It generally sets out and analysis a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action. It is a factual writing task, and needs to be clear and well-structured.

A report is a brief account of an event that has already taken place. It helps in recording events of importance that occurs in our day to day life and attempts to present the first hand information of an incident or event. It presents a record of events that took place. A report on an event includes ideas, opinions and impressions on the event.


  • Mention the place, date, time and other relevant facts about the event.
  • Include information collected from people around or influenced by the event.
  • Write the name of the reporter. Provide a suitable title/heading.
  • Often written in past tense using passive voice to communicate information effectively.
  • Reported speech and passive forms of expression add impact and force.
  • Develop ideas (causes, reasons, consequences, opinions) logically.
  • Report an event in the order in which it happen.
  • Write a report in 3 – 4 short paragraphs.
  • Para-1: Brief introduction of the event.
  • Para -2and 3: Give details of incident like what/ how/ when/ where/ any special happening.
  • Para -4: Concluding remarks regarding action taken or required.
  • Be brief, to the point and systematic.
  • Write in a less formal and more descriptive manner.
  • In case of School Magazine Reports, name of the school, date and place need not be written.
  • A boxed report gives a better and organised look but box is not mandatory.
  • Follow word limit.
  • Format


Points to Remember

Reports record happening of events in the recent past.
• Be brief, to the point and systematic, objective and balanced.
• Report an event in the order in which things have happened (Maintain sequence of events.)
• Give it–

A. Format :
(a) A bold heading/Title.
(b) Name of the reporter.
(c) Date of Report alongwith name of the place (city).

B . Content
• Write the report in 3-4 paragraphs
Para-1.                 Brief introduction of the incident, like what, who, when, where.
Para-2, 3.                 Give details of the incident.
Para-4.                 Concluding remarks regarding action taken or required.
In case of report for school magazine, date and place need not be written.
• Put the Report in a box.
• Use Past Tense as Reports are written after the event is over. Use of Passive voice is also recommended.
• Follow the prescribed word limit. (i.e., 100-125 words)
• Basic points for content:
(a) What                Event and other details
(b) Where              Venue
(c) When               Day and date
(d) Who                 Participans, guests, chief guests, visitors etc.

Question. You are Shraddha of Gyan Bharti Residential School Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. Your school organised an inter-school science exhibition. Write a report to be published in a local daily.

Exhibition Inaugurated
(by Shraddha)

Shalimar Bagh, Monday. Aug. 17

A grand ten-day science exhibition was inaugurated at Gyan Bharati Residential. School. Forty schools from different parts of Delhi participated in the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was “Water Purification and Conservation”.

Inaugurating the exhibition, Justice Chaudhari stressed on water conservation and need of students’ participation in creating social awareness. The students put up some really good exhibits for the exhibition. The students representing Progressive School, Sector 3 Noida stole the show by exhibiting four working models which were selected for Regional Exhibition. The participants presented unique concepts for water purification, power saving, garbage disposal and smart traffic signalling. The judges, guests and media admired the exhibition and encouraged participation to popularise and strengthen scientific temper among the masses. The exhibition ended with prize distribution followed by blessings by the chief guest The school principal presented a vote of thanks.

Question. Write a report to be published in your school magazine in 125 words on how Independence Day was celebrated in your school. You are Amita Puri of class XI, Modern School, Chanakyapuri.

Independence Day Celebrations
by Amita puri

The school celebrated 74th Independence Day on 15 August 2020 with great fanfare and enthusiasm.Mr Kailash Satyarthi, the child activist and Nobel laureate hoisted the tricolour on this historic day.

Students presented a rich cultural programme charged with patriotic sentiments. First of all students of class IX presented a skit highlighting the importance of educating a girl child. The school choir sang patriotic songs which were followed by an encouraging address by the chief guest.

The chief guest spoke on the importance of independence and the sacrifice made by our freedom fighters. He emphasied that students are future and hopes of the countries. He expressed hope that India will soon become a super power since the generation next is progressing leaps and bounds.

The programme came to a resounding close with a thrilling folk dance performance depicting valour and enthusiasm of rural youth from border areas of Rajasthan. At the end all enjoyed light snacks and tea with the chief guest and other invitees.

Report Writing Class 11 English

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