MCQs for English Class 12 with Answers Chapter 6 Poets and Pancakes

Students of class 12 English should refer to MCQs Class 12 English Poets and Pancakes with answers provided here which is an important chapter in Class 12 English NCERT textbook. These Multiple Choice Questions have been prepared based on the latest CBSE and NCERT syllabus for Class 12 English. The following MCQs can help you to practice and get better marks in the upcoming class 12 english examination

Question. Who is the author of Poets and Pancakes?
A) Asokamitran (1931), a Tamil writer
B) Charu Nivedita
C) Jayakanthan
D) Balakumaran

Question. In this lesson, what is the purpose of humor and satire used by the author?
A) to highlight human abilities
B) to show capabilities
C) to show varied capacities
D) to show and highlight human infancies and flaws

Question. What qualities was Subbu admired for ?
A) acting, writing filmmaking skills and the management skills
B) acting and writing
C) flattery
D) gossips

Question. Who imitated the scenes of Sunset and Sunrise of Jotham Valley?
A) Police
B) Scouts of Madras
C) Social Workers
D) All Tamil Plays

Question. What has been the make up room compared to?
A) make up company
B) a Parlour
C) a jewellery shop
D) hair-cutting salon

Question. Who was the Englishman?
A) Salman Rushdie
B) D.H Lawrence
C) George Orwell
D) Stephen Spender- Editor of a British Periodical The Encounter

Question. Why was MRA invited to Gemini studio?
A) To show their play
B) Because of political affiliations
C) because of political infuence
D) none

Question. Why was the author praying for crowd shooting at all times?
A) to attract the crowd
B) to avoid people
C) to avoid epical narrations
D) none

Question. Q31- How was Kothamanglam Subbu treated in the Gemini studio?
A) with hatred
B) rudely
C) disrespectfully
D) with high respect

Question. What does the expression ‘made to look ugly’ refer to ?
A) make up done to look presentable before camera
B) faces made by actors
C) faces nade by office boy
D) arrangements in the make up room

Question. Why was Subbu considered number 2 at Gemini studio?
A) because of his flattery
B) because of his abilities
C) because of creative skills
D) none

Question. How was the Gemini studio influenced by the plays staged by MRA?
A) They imitated their styles
B) They imitated their dialogues
C) They imitated their story
D) They imitated their sets and costumes

Question. Why was author’s work appeared nothing at Gemini?
A) Because of no direct relation to filmmaking
B) because of cutting- pasting
C) because he sits idle
D) because he does nothing

Question. What things attracted the audience in the plays staged by MRA?
A) their jewellery
B) their make up
C) their dialogues
D) their sets and costumes

Question. Who was heading the make-up department?
A) a Madrasi
B) A tamilian
C) A bengali
D) A Bengali and later was succeeded by a Maharashtrian

Question. What was the brand name of the make up material that Gemini studio bought?
A) Pancake
B) Mancake
C) Fancake
D) latin cake

Question. What has Asokamitran brought up through this write up?
A) topics of film industry
B) topics of make up industry
C) topics of gossip
D) topics of heroines

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