Sample Paper Class 10 English Term 2 Set A

Please refer to Sample Paper Class 10 English Term 2 Set A with solutions provided below. We have provided CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English as per the latest paper pattern and examination guidelines for Standard 10 English issued by CBSE for the current academic year. The below provided Sample Guess paper will help you to practice and understand what type of questions can be expected in the Class 10 English exam.

CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 English for Term 2 Set A


1. Read the passage given below.
The difference between effectively and ineffectively pursuing happiness may all be in how we go about it. Research suggests that people who strive to feel happy all of the time may suffer disappointment, and people who pursue happiness, as if it were the only thing that matters, may, ironically, chase happiness away. But these are not the only ways you can go
about pursuing happiness. Another approach involves what I call “prioritizing positivity”: deliberately organizing your day-to-day life so that it contains situations that naturally give
rise to positive emotions. This way of pursuing happiness involves carving out time in your daily routine to do things that you genuinely love, whether it be writing, gardening or connecting with loved ones. This way of pursuing happiness means proactively putting yourself in contexts that spontaneously trigger positive emotions.
One reason is that prioritizing positivity involves monitoring one’s daily itinerary, not one’s moment-to-moment emotional experience. As research has revealed, the mere act of monitoring one’s happiness from one second to the next may get in the way of positive emotions. In contrast, we thought a more effective strategy would be “situation selection,” which involves approaching (or avoiding) situations that naturally trigger certain emotions. Going for a walk with your partner after dinner is one way you might use situation selection to experience a feeling of tranquillity. The tendency to prioritize positivity draws upon this strategy.
We also predicted that prioritizing positivity would predict greater happiness and fewer symptoms of depression because of its relevance to daily life. The “highs” we get from one-time events like going on a vacation or winning a prize wear off over time. As a result, pursuing happiness may require regular engagement in behaviours that promote happiness. By its nature, prioritizing positivity increases the chance that we will weave these positive behaviours into our daily lives rather than just maintaining a general desire for happiness or expecting it to come from a few isolated events.
The science on the deliberate pursuit of happiness is young, so any prescriptions for happiness must be offered with the caveat that the research is still evolving and conclusions might be subject to change. I do have some speculations, based on my research, about how people might more effectively pursue happiness. First, let go of extreme ways of relating to your happiness. Don’t set the unrealistic goal of feeling positive emotions all—or even most—of Goyal Brothers Prakashan the time. Second, reflect on the activities that give you joy or contentment. This thought experiment should be highly personalized. Finally, once you think of a couple of activities, schedule them into your upcoming week.
The pursuit of happiness is not easy. If people attempt it with unrealistic expectations and too much attention, they risk sabotaging it. But this doesn’t mean you should give up on trying to be happy. It may be more effective to adjust your daily routine so that it includes activities that naturally spark interest or contentment. Seeking happiness, although a delicate art, may still be a worthwhile pursuit.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY FIVE questions from the six given below. 

(i) Why might some people chase away happiness? 
Ans. Some people might chase away happiness because of the constant pursuit of happiness as the ultimate thing.

(ii) Rewrite the following sentence by replacing the underlined phrase with a word that means the same from para 2. 
Lack of sleep or too much sleep can lead to migraine. 
Ans. Lack of sleep or too much sleep can trigger migraine.

(iii) State two ways to pursue happiness. 
Ans. The two ways to pursue happiness are, first, don’t strive to be happy; rather, feel happy. The second reason is “prioritizing positivity”, that is, deliberately organise your day-today life so that it contains situations that naturally give rise to positive emotions.

(iv) What does the phrase “prioritizing positivity” refer to? 
Ans. ‘Prioritizing positivity’ refers to organizing daily life according to positive emotional triggers.

(v) Write the author’s speculations about how people can pursue happiness more effectively. 
Ans. As per the author’s speculations, a person must let go of extreme ways that relate to happiness. He/she shouldn’t set any unrealistic goal of feeling positive emotions. Also, one must reflect on the activities that give joy or contentment.

(vi) How does the author explain the pursuit of happiness? 
Ans. The author explains the pursuit of happiness through the concept of prioritizing positivity.

2. Read the passage given below.
Globalization is the way to open businesses, improve technological growth, economy, etc. at the international level for all countries. It is the way in which manufacturers and producers
of the products or goods sell their products globally without any restriction. It provides huge profits to the businessmen as they get low cost labour in poor countries easily. It provides a big opportunity to the companies to deal with the worldwide market.
Globalization helps to consider the whole world as a single market. Traders are extending their areas of business by treating the world as a global village. Earlier, till the 1990s, there was a restriction on importing certain products which were already manufactured in India like agricultural products, engineering goods, food items and toiletries. However, during the
1990s, there was a pressure from the rich countries on the poor and developing countries to allow them to spread their businesses by opening their markets. In India, the globalization
and liberalization have been a bonanza for the consumers, however, a loss to the small-scale Indian producers.

Sample Paper Class 10 English Term 2 Set A

Globalization has had some very positive effects on the Indian consumer in all sectors of society. It has affected the Indian students and education sector to a great extent by making study books and a lot of information available over the internet. Collaboration of foreign universities with the Indian universities has brought about a huge change in the field of education Globalization of trade in the agricultural sector has brought varieties of quality seeds which have disease resistance property. However, it is not good for the poor Indian farmers because the seeds and agricultural technologies are costly. It has brought about a huge revolution in the employment sector by the spread of businesses like handloom, carpet, artisan carving, ceramic, jewellery and glassware, etc.
With globalization’s strong momentum running up against powerful headwinds, it is important to recognize that market integration is still limited in absolute terms. The foreign operations of multinational firms around the world generate only about 9% of global output. Exports of goods and services add up to 29% of world GDP, but even that figure comes down to about 20% if we adjust for output that crosses borders more than once. Managers surveyed across six countries in 2017 estimated these international production and trade  metrics at 37% and 41%, respectively.
We cannot predict with confidence whether the coming year will bring a higher or a lower level of globalization. But we can safely say that international flows and the constraints that borders and distance impose upon them will both continue to matter. So, the biggest winners regardless of whether globalization goes up or down, are likely to be companies tha embrace globalization’s complexity rather than purely local or global visions of their business environments.

On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer ANY FIVE questions from the six given below. 

(i) What do the observations state about market integration? 
Ans. The observations about market integration state that the export of goods and services add to 29% of world GDP.

(ii) Comment on the inherent traits of globalization with reference to para 1. 
Ans. Globalization helps in improving technological growth and the economy on the international level. It led to the way in which manufacturers and producers of the products or goods sell their products globally without any restriction.

(iii) Who doesn’t benefit from globalization in India in reference to para 2? 
Ans. In India, small-scale producers don’t get benefitted from globalization.

(iv) To which fact does the ‘global village’ concept of globalization point? 
Ans. The ‘global village’ concept of globalization points towards the fact that the information sector has had a boost.

(v) According to the graphical representation, who are the biggest and the lowest player in import in international trade in 2018? 
Ans. The graphical representation clearly shows that the biggest player in import in international trade in 2018 was the United States of America and the lowest player was Brazil.

(vi) What does the impact of globalization on the agricultural sector indicate? 
Ans. The impact of globalization on the agricultural sector indicates that the quality of seeds has improved, but affordability has decreased.


3. Attempt ANY ONE from (i) and (ii).

(i) The pie chart below shows the spending on advertising in India through different media. The accompanying extract talks about advertising as an industry. Write a paragraph commenting upon the situation.

Sample Paper Class 10 English Term 2 Set A

Advertising was initially meant to make people aware of the goods available in the market. It was as simple as announcing what you have in your store or the services you offer on your premises. Over the years, advertising has evolved into a major industry that goes beyond informing to persuading and influencing. It is a form of brainwashing consumers. 
Ans. Gone are the days when advertising was meant just to announce a product. We now have specially designed advertising campaigns by the fully evolved and established advertising industry. The job of the advertising industry is not only to inform consumers about the launch of a new product but also to overwhelm them with stimuli that would persuade them to buy the product. TV and print media have a major role to play with the annual spend on TV advertisements, amounting to 46 per cent and print to 36 per cent. The
spending on advertisements on the radio and digital media are as minor as 4 and 5 per cent respectively. Out-of-home advertising has a minuscule share of 6 per cent.

(ii) You have just graduated in Commerce (B.Com.) from Bangalore University. You want to do a high-level computer course at a reputed institute. Write a letter making inquiries about admission fees and courses offered. 
Ans. B-9 Battery Lane
Avenue Road
10 July 20XX
The Director
Alps Computer Institute
MG Road
Dear Sir
Subject: Seeking admission to a Computer Course

I have just received my degree in B.Com. from Bangalore University. I am keen to do a high level computer course from your institute. Please let me know the criteria for admission, courses offered, their level and duration, and fees to be charged. I will be grateful if I get a full reply from you as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully
Nagarath Karman

4. The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Identify the error and write its correction against the correct blank number. Remember to underline the
correction. The first one has been done for you. 
                                                                                                           Error        Correction
Only those who work hard gets glory and success in life. E.g.       gets            get
Nothing great could be achieved without effort.                              (a)
A student can never comes out with flying colours unless he          (b)
has really worked hard throughout a year.                                       (c)
Ans. Error Correction
(a) could can
(b) comes come
(c) a the

5. Read the conversation between Raghav and Ravi and complete the passage that follows. 
Raghav: Ravi, Varun and I are going to watch the cricket match tomorrow. Would you like to join us?
Ravi: I would love to, but I have to take my father’s permission first.
Raghav: You must let me know by this evening because I have to arrange for the passes.
Ravi: I will do so as soon as I get permission.
Raghav informed Ravi that Varun and he were going to watch the cricket match the next day. He asked Ravi (a) ________________. Ravi replied that he would love to, but he had to take his father’s permission first. Raghav told him (b) ________________ because he had to arrange for the passes. Ravi said that he would do so as soon as he would get permission.
Ans. (a) whether he would like to join them 
(b) to let him know by that evening


6. Answer ANY SIX questions in 30-40 words each. 

(i) “Not enough can be said to show how important a baker can be for a village.” How were the services of the baker required on various occasions? 
Ans. The services of the baker were, undoubtedly, required on various occasions, making him a very important person for a village. Mothers had to prepare sandwiches for their daughter’s engagement. Cakes and bolinhas were a must for Christmas and other festivals. Thus, the services of the baker in the village are important.

(ii) Amanda was longing for wishful desires. List them. 
Ans. Initially, she imagined herself as a drifting mermaid in the green emerald sea. She also imagined herself as an orphan and a fictional character, Rapunzel, to live aloof and enjoy
her freedom.

(iii) What is the turning point in the poet’s life in the poem ‘Animals’? 
Ans. The poet expresses his desire to live with animals instead of humans. He believes humans do not possess many qualities that animals do, such as kindness, love, respect, and truthfulness.

(iv) Belinda’s pets, except Custard, were a boastful lot. Explain with reference to the poem. 
Ans. Belinda and her three pets, excluding Custard, were very proud of their bravery, but they were not brave. Only Custard dared to face the pirate, so he was fearless. The other pets
soon made excuses for their cowardice and said that they would have been twice and thrice as brave as Custard. 

(v) Give exemplars from the story to show that Valli was a painstaking and meticulous organizer. 
Ans. Valli was a meticulous planner. She listened carefully to her neighbours’ conversations and people who regularly used the bus and asked them discreet questions. She picked up the various small details about the bus journey and then planned it.

(vi) Matilda rarely met her rich friends. Why? 
Ans. Matilda was unhappy due to her poverty and lack of comforts in her life. She lived in a shabby house and remained ill-tempered over her poor situation. This was the only reason why she rarely met her friends.

(vii) What do you know about the character of Lutkins? Was he served summons? 
Ans. Oliver Lutkins was a hack driver who showed himself as Bill before the lawyer to deceive him.
The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve him notice. Yes, the summons was served to Lutkins.

7. Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120 words each. 

(i) “Put the fear out of your heart, and you will be able to speak like anyone else.” These words of encouragement from the teacher highlight that a change of social attitude and encouragement can help a child like Bholi to become confident and face the world bravely. 
Ans. Taking help from the lesson ‘Bholi’, write how the social attitude towards Bholi made her an introvert. What should be done to help such children face the world bravely?
Bholi’s mind was weakened due to a childhood mishap (falling from her cot). She began to stammer while speaking as well. She then became unattractive due to pock-marks on her face and a diseased body caused by smallpox. As a result, her family and other children mistreated her, causing her to become an introvert.
We must treat such youngsters with love and affection and urge them to enter mainstream society to help them face the world boldly. Instead of mocking their limitations, we should motivate and encourage them, giving them hope that they can be as good as the other children.

(ii) The Buddha said, ‘The world is afflicted with death and decay; therefore, the wise do not grieve, knowing the terms of the world.’ Write your views in the context of the above statement. 
Ans. In his first sermon, Gautama Buddha preached that human life is very short and it is full of sorrow and pains. He cleared that the mortals’ brief life is full of troubles and pains. Everyone on this earth has to one day face death. Human beings are led to death as an ox taken for killing. We cannot console ourselves by weeping and grieving. By following these methods out, the pain will be greater. Our bodies will suffer and become weak. The wise and intelligent persons never weep on death and grieve on sorrow. They know that these are the realities and truths of our lives. Those who are born are to die certainly. No one can escape from death. So we should not grieve on deaths.

(iii) ‘Disagreements and quarrels occasionally solve a problem.’ Discuss in brief the various disputes between Natalya and Lomov. 
Ans. Lomov and Chubukovs were neighbours. Lomov came to Chubukov’s house to propose Natalya. But instead of proposing, Lomov and Natalya started fighting over petty issues like Oxen Meadows and the qualities of their dogs. This is not a quality of good neighbours. Neighbours should be like friends. There should be a positive relationship between two neighbours. There should be understanding and patience among neighbours. The fight between Lomov and Natalya could have been avoided if handled carefully. The issue of the Meadows could be resolved calmly and quietly by a good conversation. There must have been some documents showing the ownership of the Meadows. Both the parties could be convinced by making them understand that the Meadows would belong to both of them if they got married.
Similarly, the issues of dogs could be solved. Instead of counting the negative points of each other’s dogs, they could have discussed their positive features. Thus, the issues could be resolved.

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