Sample Paper Class 12 English Term 2 Set B

Please refer to Sample Paper Class 12 English Term 2 Set B with solutions provided below. We have provided CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English as per the latest paper pattern and examination guidelines for Standard 12 English issued by CBSE for the current academic year. The below provided Sample Guess paper will help you to practice and understand what type of questions can be expected in the Class 12 English exam.

CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 English for Term 2 Set B

Section A – Reading 

1. Read the following passage.

(1) For four days, I walked through the narrow lanes of the old city, enjoying the romance of being in a city where history still lives—in its cobblestone streets and in its people riding asses carrying vine leaves and palm as they once did during the time of Christ.

(2) This is Jerusalem, home to the sacred sites of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This is the place that houses the church of the Holy Sepulchre, the place where Jesus was finally laid to rest. This is also the site of Christ’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection.

(3) Built by the Roman Emperor Constantine, at the site of an earlier temple to Aphrodite, it is the most venerated Christian shrine in the world. And justifiably so. Here, within the church, are the last five stations of the cross; the 10th station where Jesus was stripped of his clothes, the 11th, where he was nailed to the cross, the 12th, where he died on the cross, the 13th, where the body was removed from the cross, and the 14th, his tomb.

(4) For all this weighty tradition, the approach and entrance to the church is nondescript. You have to ask for directions. Even to the devout Christian pilgrims walking along the Via Dolorosa—The Way of Sorrows—first nine stations look clueless. Then a courtyard appears, hemmed in by other buildings and a doorway to one side. This leads to a vast area of huge stone architecture.

(5) Immediately inside the entrance is your first stop. It’s the stone of anointing : this is the place,according to Greek tradition, where Christ was removed from the cross. The Roman Catholics,however, believe it to be the spot where Jesus’ body was prepared for burial by Joseph.

(6) What happened next? Jesus was buried. He was taken to a place outside the city of Jerusalem where other graves existed and there, he was buried in a cave. However, all is long gone, destroyed by continued attacks and rebuilding; what remains is the massive—and impressive—Rotunda (a round building with a dome) that Emperor Constantine built. Under this, and right in the centre of the Rotunda, is the structure that contains the Holy Sepulchre.

(7) ‘How do you know that this is Jesus’ tomb ?’ I asked one of the pilgrims standing next to me. He was clueless, more interested, like the rest of them, in the novelty of it and in photographing it, than in its history or tradition.

(8) At the start of the first century, the place was a disused quarry outside the city walls. According to the gospels, Jesus’ crucifixion occurred ‘at a place outside the city walls with graves nearby ’.Archaeologists have discovered tombs from that era, so the site is compatible with the biblical period.

(9) The structure at the site is a marble tomb built over the original burial chamber. It has two rooms, and you enter four at a time into the first of these, the Chapel of the Angel. Here, the Angel is supposed to have sat on a stone to recount Christ’s resurrection. A low door made of white marble, partly worn away by pilgrims’ hands, leads to a smaller chamber inside. This is the ‘room of the tomb’, the place where Jesus was buried.

(10) We entered in a single file. On my right was a large marble slab that covered the original rock bench on which the body of Jesus was laid. A woman knelt and prayed. Her eyes were wet with tears. She pressed her face against the slab to hide them, but it only made it worse.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY EIGHT questions from the nine given below. 

Question. How does Jerusalem still retain the charm of the ancient era?
There are narrow lanes. Roads are paved with cobblestones. People can be seen riding assess.

Question. Holy Sepulchre is sacred to:

Question. Why does one have to constantly ask for directions to the church?
Answer.Entrance to the church is nondescript.

Question. Where was Jesus buried?
Answer.At a place outside the city.

Question. Where was the body of Jesus laid?
Answer.Rock bench

Question. How many stations were there in the church?

Question. Christ was crucified at:

Question. Jesus was nailed to the cross at the ______________.
Answer.11th station

Question. The courtyard shows ways to ________________.
Answer.A vast area of huge stone architecture

2. Read the following passage.

(1) Indian Rhinoceros, (Rhinoceros unicornis), also called greater one-horned Rhinoceros, the largest of the three Asian Rhinoceroses. The Indian Rhinoceros weighs between 1,800 and 2,700 kg. It stands 2 meters high at the shoulder and is 3.5 meters long. The Indian Rhinoceros is more or less equivalent in size to the White Rhinoceros of Africa and is distinguishable from the Javan Rhinoceros by its greater size, the presence of a large horn, tubercles on its skin and a different arrangement of skin folds.

(2) The Indian Rhinoceros occupies the world’s tallest grasslands, where at the end of the summer  monsoon in October grasses reach 7 meters tall. They are primarily grazers, except during the winter when they consume a larger proportion of browse. The Indian Rhinoceros fights with its razor-sharp lower outer incisor teeth, not with its horn. Such teeth or tusks, can reach 13 cm in length.

(3) The Indian Rhinoceros previously occupied an extensive range across northern India and Nepal from Assam state in the east to the Indus River valley in the west. Today this species is restricted to about 11 reserves in India and Nepal. Nearly 2,300 individuals of breeding age remain in the wild,
and only one population, that of Kaziranga National Park in Assam state, contains more than 500 individuals.

(4) The Indian Rhinoceroses’ dung piles, or middens, are of interest not only as places where scent is deposited and as communication posts but also as sites for the establishment of plants. Indian Rhinoceroses can deposit as much as 25 kg in a single defecation. The Indian Rhinoceroses’ dung piles support interesting collections of over 25 species of plants whose seeds are ingested by Rhinoceroses and germinate in the nutrient-rich dung.

(5) A survey was conducted on the population of Rhinoceros unicornis between 1910 to 2005 and the result was interpreted in the form of a line graph.

Sample Paper Class 12 English Term 2 Set B

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY SIX out of the seven questions given below. 

Question. What is the scientific name of the Indian Rhinoceros?
Answer.Rhinoceros Unicornis

Question. What is the weight range of Indian rhinoceros?
Answer.1800-2700 kg

Question. Which rhinoceros is equivalent in size to Indian rhinoceros?
Answer.African White Rhinoceros

Question. State the features used to distinguish Indian rhinoceros and Javan rhinoceros.
Answer.Large horn; Skin tubercles; Skin fold arrangement

Question. Which teeth are used by the Indian rhinoceros for fighting?
Answer.Lower outer incisor

Question. The Indian rhinoceros previously occupied an extensive range across _____________ from Assam state in the east to the Indus River valley in the west.
Answer.northern India and Nepal

Question. How is the Indian Rhinoceroses’ dung useful?
Answer.The Indian Rhinoceroses’ dung piles support interesting collections of over 25 species of plants whose seeds are ingested by Rhinoceroses and germinate in the nutrient-rich dung.

Section B – Writing

3. Draft a formal reply accepting an invitation to be present on the occasion of the wedding of Ankush S/o Mr. & Mrs. Shankar of 24, Green Park Road, Kanpur. You are Vikram Gaur of Raja Ki Mandi, Agra. 
Answer.Mr. and Mrs. Vikram Gaur thank Mr. And Mrs. Shankar for inviting them on the occasion of the wedding of their son Ankush at 24, Green Park Road, Kanpur on 15 May, 20XX and assure them that they will be present on the occasion to wish the newlyweds a very happy married life. Mr. and Mrs. Gaur will reach Kanpur by the Agra Mail which leaves Agra at 8.00 a.m. 
Vikram Gaur

4. Attempt ANY ONE from (A) and (B) given below.

(A) The Fine Arts Club of your school celebrated its tenth anniversary in a grand manner. Distinguished artistes Pt. Jasraj, Hariprasad Chaurasia and the veteran Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan graced the occasion and enthralled the audience by their mesmerizing compositions. Shovana Narayan’s graceful movements were a delight to watch. The function ended with two lilting songs by Shambu, a class 10 student of your school. Write a report in 120-150 words on the event, to be published in your school magazine. You are Sohan/Sakhi, Secretary of the Club. 


(B) You see a classified advertisement in the newspaper inviting applications for the post of a Sales Executive in a reputed bank. Write a letter with bio-data in about 120–150 words to the HR Manager,HABC Bank, Lajpat Nagar New, applying for the post advertised. You are Avani/Aviral of 120, Kirti Nagar, Delhi.

Sample Paper Class 12 English Term 2 Set B


— by Sohan (Secretory, Fine Arts Club)
XYZ School, New Delhi
15th Jan, 20XX
The students of XYZ school celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Fine Arts Club in a grand manner on 12th January, 20XX. It was celebrated in the Cultural Hall. Students had prepared well for the celebration. The programme began with the lighting of a lamp. Pt. Jasraj, Sh. Hariprasad Chaurasia and the veteran Kathak Dancer Shovana Narayan graced the occasion. They are great artists. Everyone was enthralled by their mesmerizing compositions. The graceful movements of Shovana Narayan were a delight to watch. It seemed as if time had come to a halt. Every eye was just at the performances of the distinguished artists. When the performances were over, an echo of ‘once more’ could be heard. After the performances of these great artists, a class X student, Shambu, presented two beautiful songs which again encaptured the audience. The members of the Fine Arts Club displayed the paintings and portraits on the walls. Everyone appreciated the work done by them. In one corner, there was a craft exhibition. Students had done some useful productive work. The best were the clay pots which were made and decorated beautifully. There were stalls of healthy food as well. Everyone enjoyed the celebration. The Chief Guest, Mr. M.K. Pandey, in his address, conveyed his happiness in keeping the art alive and lauded the participants. The programme ended on a happy note.

120, Kirti Nagar
New Delhi
17 April, 20xx
HR Manager,
Lajpat Nagar,
New Delhi
Sub: Application for the post of Sales Executive
With reference to your advertisement published in ‘The Times of India’, dated 15 April 20xx,I would like to submit my resume for the post of ‘Sales Executive’. I am an MBA from SNDT
University. I did my B.Com. (Hons.) from University of Delhi. I have a total experience of 3 years in the relevant field. If given a chance, I’ll try to do everything in my capability to contribute in the company’s growth.
I have attached my resume for your kind consideration.
Hope to get a positive reply from your side!
Thank you
Yours truly

Sample Paper Class 12 English Term 2 Set B

Section C – Literature 

5. Attempt ANY FIVE of the six questions given below, within 40 words each. 

Question. Why did the crofter show the thirty kronors to the peddler?
Answer.The crofter had a cow which he was proud of because it gave him enough milk to support him. Since, he never had any guests and lived alone in his house, he was happy to share his confidence of getting thirty kronors by selling the milk of his cow. However, when he saw that the peddler was not convinced, he got up and took out the three ten-kronor bills and showed them to the peddler.

Question. If you were given an opportunity to share your perception of beauty, what would you say? Explain.
Answer.Beauty of nature is boundless and knows no limits. Heaven, which is known to be the most beautiful paradise, is the bounty of the earth. It is like an endless fountain that pours the beauty of nature over mankind. This beauty is called the heaven’s immortal drink and is also eternal and wishes away the malice from the soul and refreshes it with love and kindness

Question. How do people console Derry when they look at his face?
Answer.People often asked him to look at those people who were in pain, are brave, never cry, never complain and don’t feel sorry for themselves. They also asked him to think of those who were worse off. He was better off than those people who were blind, born deaf, confined to a wheel chair, or are crazy and dribble.

Question. Which important call did the Governor receive when the examination was going on?
Answer.The important call that the Governor received was from the Exam Department. The person said that there were some corrections in the question paper and told the Governor about the said corrections. Besides, the caller also asked for the time when the exam started.

Question. What makes human beings love life in spite of troubles and sufferings?
Answer.On this earth, man’s life is full of depression and disappointment. There is general lack of truly noble people. The shroud of disappointment is spread over human souls. But a thing of beauty makes human beings love life in spite of trouble and sufferings.

Question. How do symbols in the poem, ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’ help us understand her plight?
 Tiger and ring are two symbols as used in the poem. The ‘tiger’ is a symbol of power, confidence and masculine world. ‘Ring’ though represented as `wedding ring’ refers to the band or chain that binds a person to enslave him. The ‘tiger’ represents the longing of Aunt Jennifer, whereas ‘ring’ refers to her present position of oppressed and subjugated by the male-dominating world.

6. Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120-150 words each.

Question. What was the basic plot of each story told by Jack?
Answer.The basic plot of each story told by Jack deals with the idea whether the parents should always decide what their children should do or give the children the basic freedom to make their own choices. Roger was a different animal such as a fish, a squirrel, a chipmunk or a skunk. Also, all stories had a Wizard and a wise owl as its primary characters. Whenever Roger had a problem, it went to the owl who directed the creature to the Wizard. As payment for his services, the Wizard would always demand more money than Roger had to spare.

Question. Read the given quote. Every poem breaks a silence that had to be overcome. In your opinion,what silence does the poem ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’ break?
Answer.The role of women in society and the language used by men for social and political gain go hand in hand. For poet Adrienne Rich the personal becomes the political and this short poem, whilst not overtly political, hints at more radical work to come.
Aunt Jennifer has suffered over the years and is looking for a positive way to express her artistic talents, before it’s too late. She intends that the tigers she creates will outlast her and become a symbol of freedom and independence.

Question. The story, ‘The Rattrap’ also focuses on human loneliness and the need to bond with others Comment.
There are at least three characters in the story who suffer from loneliness and express the need to bond with others. They represent three strata of the human society as well. The peddler with the rattraps, the old crofter and the ironmaster all suffer from loneliness. The peddler is called a tramp, a vagabond and stranger at various points of the story. He moves wearily from one place to the other. He is lost in his own thoughts. He seeks shelter for night and people look at him with sour faces. Even the blacksmiths look haughtily at him and nod consent. The old crofter suffers from loneliness as he has neither wife nor child with him. Hence, he feels happy when he gets the peddler to talk to in his loneliness.
The ironmaster is also lonely in his manor house. His wife Elizabeth has died and his sons are abroad. There is no one at home except his oldest daughter and himself. His requests to Captain von Stahle to accompany him show his need for human bonding. He admits frankly that they didn’t have any company for Christmas. The stranger turns down the request not because he is against bonding with others but because he fears being caught with stolen money.

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