Best Reference Books in Class 12 Commerce

Class 12 is one of the most challenging stages of a student’s academic career in which they have to select the best Class 12 commerce books. During this time, the students must plan every move before making a decision. For the students who step into the commerce world, Accountancy is one of the subjects that act as a major hindrance in their career. The students with a weak understanding of the concepts of the subject often find it challenging. This impacts their overall scores in the Class 12 examination. So, if you are a commerce student, having a good grip on the subject right from the beginning is extremely crucial.

However, to level up your preparation for the exams, reading NCERT is not enough. Although it’s one of the finest books added into the CBSE curriculum, many students often find its explanations confusing. Here picking up a good reference book is essential. However, in today’s market, there are tons of books curated by some of the top accountancy professors. So, which one to pick? This question confuses many learners. So, here we are with a complete guide to help you pick the best Class 12 commerce books.

Top 5 Reference Book Every Class 12 Commerce Students Must Have

Commerce includes a vast array of calculations, concepts, formulas, and theories. The commerce-related terms are often confusing and the students tend to forget them. Therefore, to score well in the Class 12 examination studying the most important study of commerce, Accountancy is important. By systematically studying the subject throughout the year, the students can easily ace their Class 12 examinations with good scores. However, to achieve good results, every student must follow some reference books, which are as follows –

#1 Accountancy: D.K Goel and T.S Grewal – If you do not admire Accountancy, this book will help you fall in love with the subject. It’s one of the best books available today. With simple explanations, real-life examples, tons of questions, and attached sample papers, this book is a must-have for every commerce student.

#2 Economics: Dr. Anoop Atria and T.R Jain & V.K. Ohri – Economics is another important as well as scoring subject for the Class 12 commerce students. Therefore, learning from the best can level up your academic preparation and can help you score 90+ in the exams. When it comes to the most premium content of Economics, the first name that hits every student’s mind is Dr. Anoop Atria’s books. The book makes learning easy for the students. While T.R Jain & V.K. Ohri polishes the learning of the students by supplying them with a bag full of hot questions that have the maximum probability of coming in the exams.

#3 Maths: R.D Sharma – This book is a gem for the students struggling with Maths. It not only offers incredible content but also backs the students with tips to remember the formulas for the exam. It presents a hub of questions to help the students develop a firm base in Maths.

#4 English: Arihant – Last 10 year papers – To help the commerce students know the ins and outs of English, Arihant has come up with its exclusive 10 years paper. This book contains all the questions that repeat every year on the boards.

#5 Business Studies: Subash Dey or Poonam Gandhi – These are two of the most prescribed books for the Class 12 students. Subash Dey brings briefs of every chapter and is regarded as the best companion for revisions. While Poonam Gandhi is a gem for developing a deep understanding of the subject.

How Many Reference Books Should I Use For Each Subject?

Using a single reference book backed by NCERT is advised for the Class 12 commerce students. NCERT is the key to score well in examinations. However, referring to the above-mentioned books can level up your score to help you hit the 90+ marks in the board examinations.

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