Class 11 Commerce Study Plan: Guide To Ace The Exam

Commerce is one of the most complicated streams for most students. The drastic change in the syllabus of students when they step from Class 10 to 11, often haunts them. The commerce students face a bucket full of challenges dealing with tons of complex subjects and topics of commerce. Although commerce appears easy, it covers a vast array of topics, concepts, and theories that puzzles the students. Therefore, most students try to mug up all the chapters to score well in the Class 11th exams. However, if your target is to tailor a fruitful career in commerce fields or scoring good marks on boards, strengthening the core of learning is crucial. Right from Class 11, you must shape your learnings in commerce and adopt the best practices, which compliments your growth in the long run.

Therefore, being a student developing a simple approach to the subjects is extremely crucial, eliminating the burden of the subjects and making the academic journey more simple is important. So, before jumping into the battle, sharpening your weapons is the best choice. To build a good foundation and learn the depths of commerce subjects, preparing a study blueprint is the magic move. Follow the complete guide to squeeze out the maximum potential and grab good scores in the exam. Read DK Goel Class 11 Solutions here

Study Time Table For Class 11 Commerce

Commerce includes tons of subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, Mathematics, English, Geography, Economics and more. Therefore devoting the necessary time as per the weightage of the subjects is important. As per your convenience or according to your weak subjects, framing a study timetable can be your masterstroke. However, make sure to utilize most of your time on difficult subjects like Accountancy, Maths, Economics, and more. Here is a demo study hours distribution for Class 11 Commerce students.

SubjectStudy Hours Per Day
Accountancy2 to 2.5 hours
Economics1.5 hours
Mathematics1 hour
Business Studies40 to 45 minutes
Geography1 hour
English30 minutes

6 Strategies To Prepare For Class 11 Commerce Examination

Here are the six main mantras to accelerate your academic growth in Class 11 –

Prepare a schedule – The study schedule differs from student to student. Therefore, the first move towards academic growth is formulating the ideal schedule. Distribute the days into different parts and devote each part to each subject. Note down the subjects you want to pick for the day and utilize maximum time on them.

Follow your schedule – Framing a schedule is easy but following the schedule for the long run is one of the challenging tasks. Therefore, make sure to keep your timetable flexible. In case you miss out on any pre-assigned tasks do not panic. Simply move on to the next task. Do not spoil the order and delay every task. Once you get used to the schedule, you will develop incredible confidence.

Do not mug up like a parrot – Stop mugging up the subjects to score well in examinations. Develop a core foundation and understand each topic. Break down each topic into simpler parts. Cover each concept and develop a better understanding and get a clear vision of the complex topics.

Health is important – Don’t get so much dedicated to your studies that you miss out on meals. Make sure to take a break in between the study hours and feed yourself. If you prefer studying at night, keep a late-night snack handy. Give equal importance to your health. Keep yourself away from sickness.

Meditate – Meditation is the practice to heal your mind and soul. It improves your concentration, which allows you to study in a more effective manner. Therefore, make sure to drive out ten minutes from your busy schedule to meditate.

Practice – Practising is the key to academic success. Make sure to appear to mock tests regularly and solve the previous year’s question papers. Explore new questions and implement your theoretical knowledge to solve real-life problems.

How To Make Effective Notes For Class 11 Commerce?

Notes are really important for last-minute revision. It helps you to retain the topics before appearing for a test. However, preparing the notes most efficiently is important. Follow these steps to prepare the best notes for Commerce Class 11

  • Jot down each topic in your own words.
  • Summarize the important points of each chapter.
  • Use a highlighter to mark the important parts.
  • Add headings to each topic.
  • Picture the complex topics using flowcharts and diagrams.

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