How to study Accountancy in Class 11 and 12

How to study Accountancy in Class 11 and 12: Accountancy in Class 11 and 12 is one of the most scoring subjects for the commerce stream students. Accountancy in Class 11 is solely aimed at helping students develop basic knowledge and understanding of the financial mechanism. In Class 12, the accountancy, the board adds a pinch of difficulty to the accountancy syllabus, introducing the students to various new concepts. Therefore, tons of students fumble to grab accountancy concepts every year, ending up with low marks and insufficient knowledge. Accountancy is the most interesting as well as challenging subject. To understand the logic of accountancy students, need quality concentration, practice, and revisions. In Class 11, the students interact with the subject for the first time, and many find it challenging to study. So, they have to hassle a lot to prepare for the examinations. However, Class 11 is a prime time to develop a strong core of accountancy knowledge, which will help them understand the difficult concepts in 10+2. Here, the students can effectively use the best study materials available for stressing the subjects from Class 11. A good study material like DK Goel Solutions can help them understand complex ideologies in an uncomplicated manner.

Here we have shared some useful and smart ways to study accountancy to get the maximum marks in examinations.

Important Chapters of Class 11 Accountancy

Class 11 Accountancy primarily focuses on developing a firm foundation of accountancy within the students. The accountancy syllabus in Class 11 contains 15 chapters that instill the knowledge of the basic definitions, fundamental concepts, and accountancy theories. The subjects possess extreme importance for the commerce stream students. It presents the students with an insight into the Accounting Standard set from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and grasp the underlying Accounting mechanism. Every chapter possesses equal importance and is crucial to get complete knowledge of the subject. However, analyzing the questioning patterns of CBSE/ISC boards, here are some of the crucial chapters of Class 11 Accountancy –

Chapter 7 – Depreciation, Provisions & Reserves.

Chapter 8 – Bill of Exchange.

Chapter 9 & 10 – Financial Statements.

Chapter 11 – Accounts from Incomplete Records.

Important Chapters of Class 12 Accountancy

Accountancy in Class 12 marks a new level of difficulty. It presents a wide range of problems, concepts, and theories. The accountancy syllabus in Class 12 primarily briefs about the working of a firm and the financial transaction. CBSE/ISC divides the whole syllabus into two parts Volume 1 and Volume 2. Volume 1 consists of 7 chapters.

On the other hand, Volume 2 comprises 4 chapters. Understanding each chapter is essential to grab all the knowledge about the subject. To help the students score well in the examination, here are the most vital chapters in Class 12 Accountancy –

Accounting for Share Capital and Debenture.

Accounting for Partnership Firms.

Accounting for Not-For-Profit organizations.

Study Tips for Accountancy Examination

Accountancy is all about understanding and practice. Here are some of the tips of secure the maximum marks in the examination –

  • Accountancy is one of the most time-consuming subjects. Therefore, it requires quality practice to grab all the topics.
  • The students must first understand the theory parts before jumping to the practical sections as the theory backs them to understand and solve the practical or value-based problems quickly.
  • Stress on the definitions. The student should learn every important definition along with relevant examples to understand the logic behind them.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge about the features, merits, and demerits of various topics as these questions possess the maximum probability of coming in examinations.
  • Every student must memorize the crucial formulas of accountancy and know where to implement them. They can prepare a formula sheet for revisions before examinations.
  • Frame a practical timetable that will help devote the maximum time to the crucial chapters and lacking areas.
  • Accountancy includes tons of calculations. To increase efficiency, the students must manually perform the calculations. Regular practicing of calculations can help the students prevent silly mistakes and perform faster calculations.
  • Use the perfect blend of hard work and smart work. Figure out the important topics and solve the diplomatic questions to understand the concepts.
  • Have hands-on the best and premium study materials like DK Goel Accountancy solutions to cover all topics and understand all the concepts and theories.
  • Practice the past year’s question papers regularly and appear for mock tests to test preparation for exams.
  • Start jotting-down notes on important topics, formulas, and theories of every chapter. Use a highlighter to mark the important topics. 
  • Pay attention to the question pattern and present the answers in the correct format. Here mock tests can be extremely beneficial to understand the questioning pattern and marking scheme.
  • Efficient revision is paramount to success in academic fields. Gather all the crucial notes, formulas and revise them thoroughly. Frame a proper revision plan. Track the time each chapter takes and work accordingly.

How DK Goel Accountancy Solutions help the students in Classes 11 and 12?

DK Goel Accountancy Solutions is considered the most powerful tool for Class 11 and 12 accountancy students. With his years of academic excellence, Prof. DK Goel has beautifully tailored the textbooks to simplify the student’s accountancy journey. Here are the reasons why DK Goel Solutions Class 12 are incredibly beneficial for the students –

  • The textbooks are reviewed by expert commerce professionals, who complimented them on being the most premium books.
  • The textbook carries all the essential concepts and topics presented in a chapter-wise manner.
  • DK Goel Solutions are written in easy-to-understand language to help every student grasp the topics.
  • The solutions present the perfect illustrations of each topic, with relevant examples.

Best Study Materials and Book for Class 11 and 12 Accountancy

Here are some of the books and study material for Class 11 & 12 Accountancy students –

APC Accountancy Class XI – DK Goel, Rajesh Goel, Shelly Goel.

APC Accountancy Class XII Part A and Part B – DK Goel, Rajesh Goel, Shelly Goel.

MCQs in Accountancy – DK Goel, Rajesh Goel, Shelly Goel.

New ISC Accountancy – DK Goel, Rajesh Goel.

Accounts Part 1 & 2 by NCERT


Self-assessment is the primary tool to do well in the Class 11 & 12 accountancy examinations. The perfect combination of hard work, good study material, and efficient study techniques can help the students climb the ladder of academic success.

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