Full Marks Accountancy In Class 11 12 Board Examinations

Best Strategies To Score Full Marks In Accountancy In Class 11th & 12th Board Examinations

Accountancy is one of the core subjects for the commerce stream candidates. However, due to its vast syllabus and tricky topics, Accountancy turns out to be a burden for many students. But, if students follow some good strategies and a systematic way of studying, Accountancy can be one of the most scoring subjects. If they are fully aware of in-depth concepts and theories of Class 11th & 12th accountancy, scoring full marks is a piece of cake.

Scoring full marks requires a lot of patience, solid learnings, and proper time management abilities. Learning from good guidance and exploring new questions is the magic mantra behind scoring good marks.

Is It Really Possible To Score Full Marks In Accountancy Class 11th & 12th?

Accountancy is one of the high-scoring subjects in commerce. Each year the meritorious students pass with shining marks. However, scoring full marks is not easy for everyone. It demands hard work or rather smart work, patience, and firm determination. Most students waste the first eight to nine months of their academic years and then try to mug up the chapters to score well. But hassling through just before the exams can’t output them full marks. “You reap, have you sow”. Therefore, for achieving good marks with good learning, the students need to devote their maximum attention to the subject. You should also read dk goel solutions class 12 to get more marks in exams


If your target is scoring full marks in Accountancy in Class 11th or 12th exam, be fully prepared from the start of your academic year. Prepare your notes and arrange every stuff related to the exams. Ensure to cover up the syllabus with at least two months in hand. Devote these two months to revise the subject practice test papers, appear for mock tests and explore new questions. The last two-three months are the judgment month that differentiates a topper from an average student. So, squeeze out your maximum potential during this time to learn the ins and outs of the subject. 

So, make sure to utilize the judgment months in the most effective way to produce the best results. If you are lacking a systematic approach towards and the subject and want to discover the proven strategies to score well in exams, let’s dig into it –

Effective Strategies To Score 90+ In Class 11th & 12th Accountancy Exams

If you have a firm determination and desire to score full marks in Accountancy exams, here is the blueprint for you –

Stress the most important topics – To score well in the accountancy exams, it’s really important to know the important topics. Partnership firms is one of the most crucial topics in class 12 accountancy. Each year tons of questions are asked about the topic. So, make sure to practice all questions and master the tricky concepts to get good marks in exams.

Never back off – Once they step into Class 11, most students start feeling the burden of the vast syllabus of Accountancy. This compels them to back off and ignore the subject. They try to mug up the topics before the exams, ending up with poor grades. Therefore, the thumb rule to academic success is never ever back off. Get your hands on different guides, study materials, and other resources that make learning easy.

Stick with your accountancy syllabus – If your sole objective is to score well in the Class 11th or 12th exam, make sure to stick with the syllabus books. Do not burden yourself with tons of reference books. If you are a CBSE student, NCERT and DK Goel textbooks are your sole companions. These books are designed strictly according to the syllabus. So, they cover every topic most efficiently.

Practice – The magic ingredient to score full marks in the accounting exam is practice. The more you practice the more you learn. Accountancy involves tons of concepts, theories, and formulas. Therefore, efficiently practicing them regularly helps you to retain the important topics in the exam. Appear for mock tests and practice the previous year’s examination papers to get good marks in the exam. Ensure to polish your weak points and explore more questions on them.

Wasting time will kill your grades – Time is the major weapon for a student. Learn the art of time management. Devote maximum time to the most difficult topics. In the last two months before exams, try to squeeze out some time from your daily activities and devote it to your studies. For example, if you sleep 9 to 10 hours, cut off 2 hours and get a healthy sleep of 8 hours. Utilize these two hours of studying.

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